Behavioral Health Services

We are an outpatient behavioral health care organization that comprises psychiatrists, therapists, and wellness coaches. We focus on individual wellness by meeting each client where they are on their own journey by offering evidence-based care in a welcoming environment. Across our locations, we offer a multitude of services, ranging from medication management, psychotherapy, family counseling, and transcranial magnetic stimulation. We also offer telepsychiatry visits across all North Carolina.


Psychiatrists guide you and your care team through your path to wellness. Psychiatrists specialize in providing accurate diagnoses, medication management, and treatment guidance as the leader of your wellness team. Our providers treat a wide range of conditions from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and ADHD.

Our providers all practice using standardized, evidence-based treatments to meet all your wellness needs.

One of the most important aspects on your recovery journey is the connection with your provider. Our staff are well equipped to support you along all aspects of your care.

Through our digital platform, our providers are only a few clicks away. Whether it’s to ask a medication question or to reschedule an appointment, we put you in the driver’s seat by offering ease of access to your team.

Counseling & Therapy

Psychotherapists are trained in treatment a wide range of conditions using various modalities of treatment. Therapists help you work through life’s most difficult moments, such as:
at Work
Loss of
a Loved One
Other Life

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

TMS is FDA-approved for treatment of depression and OCD, often without the need for medications. It has fewer side effects than medications and is twice as effective as most other treatment options. The procedure is a safe, non-invasive treatment that uses short magnetic impulses to stimulant underactive nerve cells in the brain regions known to regulate mood.

TMS is one of the most effective treatment options for depression. Studies have shown about 70% of patients respond with at least moderate improvement in depressive symptoms.

Our dedicated team of providers and support staff will walk you along the journey during your course of treatment.


Telehealth provides exceptional flexibility in how your care is delivered. While working with your provider, you will have the option to some or all your visits from the comfort of your home or office. Our telepsychiatry providers are also available for same-day visits for those urgent needs that may arise from time-to-time.