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At Apogee Behavioral Medicine, we partner with healthcare organizations to meet the ever-growing demand for quality psychiatric care across the system’s clinical footprint in a cost-effective and on-demand way.

We Solve Challenges for Our Business Partners

Delivering affordable, quality behavioral healthcare is one of the most complex problems facing the healthcare industry today. In the face of cost pressures and provider shortages, ABM deliveries access to high quality and affordable care.

Quality Behavioral Health

At its core, ABM seeks to understand and aims to simply. Our core belief is that strong partnerships begin with our ability to listen as colleagues to deeply understand the problem and recommend the best practical solution that will produce measurable results. We approach each client with an open mind to deliver solutions that solve the challenges at hand.

Accessible Behavioral Health Services

Using telepsychiatry, you can provide timely behavioral health services to your patients when and where they need it most. With ABM, a remote team of highly qualified behavioral health clinicians is available to support patients in crisis, offer consultation to staff, deliver inpatient psychiatric care, screen for behavioral health needs and serve community-based settings.

At ABM, We Treat Our Providers like Partners

At Apogee, we are a provider-owned and operated company with a focus on recruiting and retaining highly motivated and qualified clinicians. We believe that providers are at the forefront of all things healthcare and should be treated as partners.

Improved Access & Care

  • Enable enrollment via fast and easy to access processes
  • Network of licensed therapists and prescribers, ready to serve
  • Care delivered virtually in the privacy of members’ homes
  • HIPAA-compliant, scalable digital platform for seamless patient assessment, scheduling, treatment, data collection, and coordination between the care team
  • Availability of post-discharge transitional behavioral health services
  • Evidence-based treatment for members of all ages
  • Precision care programs based upon each member’s acuity
  • Personalized therapy and medication management tailored to meet each member’s unique needs
  • 24/7 support from our dedicated team of licensed specialists
  • Secure data sharing to coordinate care between care team members
The ABM Tenets
We Seek to Understand
We Aim to Simplify
We Keep Our Promises
We Invest in Relationships

Let's Work Together

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Dennis Klein, DO

Chief Physician Executive